June 2008 Update Blow out pics
I just have been washing and conditioning every two weeks. From March to current I have had my hair in a phony pony (Afro Boheimian curl pony or fall that was a curly deep wave-See protective style pics.) I slick my edges with moisturizer first then IC crystal max hold gel. The only thing that will keep my hair laying down when I sweat. I sweat in my head first before any other part of my body, hence the no flat iron styles until the season changes. Enjoy!!!
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March 2008 Relaxer Updates
These are my relaxer results. I used ORS lye. NEVER EVER AGAIN!!! Talk about over processed city. I applied it then smoothed once and all my texlaxing process went down the drain not to mention that I already had the underprocessed portions of my hair strand going on. And what you think happened. Ummm yeah, it over processed the already relaxed sections of my hair during the run off making them worse then what they all ready were even though I applied some Aphogee 2 min keratin treatment to the length of the rest of my hair. I had about a good 3 inches of growth from the previous winter hide your hair challenge. So I am very happy about that. But appearantly suffered split ends that I didn't even know was happening because I was in braids the whole time. This is the relaxing process that I performed and always perform on myself and my clients per Mook's request (shot outs sweetie : O) 1. Research the best relaxer for your hair type (lye is the best for our hair. You can read about it in the relaxed section of LHCF (you may want to go with a mild to help you have more application and smoothing time and not totally relax the hair and get that texlax look you want) 2. Coat and drench the already processed(relaxed) ends with conditioner preferebly one with protein (this helps keeps the relaxed ends strong and serves as a buffer for mistake overlaping and a buffer for when the hair is rinsed) 3. Get you tons of metal clips(the kinds used with roller sets) and pre part your hair for easier and quicker application 4. Use the Aphogee 2 min reconstructor emidiately after rinsing the relaxer completely out and before neutrilizing your hair (this step will help build back up the strength in your hair from the break down of the relaxing process) 5. Neutralize, Neautralize, Neautraliz. (yes it can be annoying but its one of the most important steps. Lather and rinse no less than 4 times.Make sure your first and last lathers sits for no less than 3 min. before rinsing. this neutralizes the relaxer from continueing to relax-hence the word neutralizer.lol) 6. Do a deep mild protein conditioner and follow up with a moisturizing conditioner as well if you wish and do final rinse with cool water to set in moisture and shine.
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Hide your hair Dec. 2007-March 2008
I began a HIde your hair challenge until Spring time/March 31 back in the begining of Dec. So from now on until then will be pics of My various hair styles until then consisting of (weaves, wigs, half wigs, phony ponies, etc.) Doing: -deep conditionings -Moisturizing daily -Oiling scalp with oil mixture - no trims, -and trying to airdry
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My hair Journey to APL begining 9/4/06( December 2007 updates)
My journey began 9/4/06. I have been having some serious problems with shedding and breakage, so my hair has thinned out a lot and I maybe have lost some length. But I am constantly working on retaining length and stoping the breakage. In this album I’ll post monthy updated pics. and my regimens. APL goal is April 2007. Wish me luck and feel free to post any comments!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! I made APL in April. But lost a lot of thickness too : ( Trial and error on certain things, products used and styles done. I'll be doing some dusting every other week to trim up some see throught ends and get it thicker. I'll continued to stay at APL until my hair is my desired thickness after all the trims and dusting. Hopefully it will be to my liking in one full year of TLC in September.
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The twists are out and Helllllooooo relaxed hair again!!!!
I finally got my twist out. They lasted two months and I wanted to go longer but I didn't want to put any more stress on my edges. I took them out with the help of some African Pride ease out braid and twist spray (Thanks Mecca, but the one she uses is CON, but I couldn't find it anywhere) I sprayed my hair all over with it and put in into 6 or 7 plaits. I relaxed the next day with Motions Moisturizing regular relaxer, and deep conditioned with its moisture rich conditioner. And flat ironed with Chi infusion.
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Kinky twist July 2007
Happy Birthday to me : ) July 9th Yup!! I decided on a birthday/vacation style after seeing Kisha's kinky twist hair (props to my girl) They were so sharp and just had to copy.lol. So I got mines done on the 8th of July one day before my B-day. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME : ) I'm a whole quarter now (25) I had my braid stylist hook me up for this was a gift to myself to not do them my self. lol And they took about 8.5 hours. I used about 3 packs of Janet brand Toyokalon and Kanekalon Synthetic Kinky Hair Bulk 26 inches in lenght Length color 33 (auburn). One of the packs were a value pack and were actually 48 inches long. I had her use those in the back because I was going for a long layered look. But they were way to long and heavy because the thickness of the twist. and had her trim them. I ended up trimming them a little more to a little past APL, for they were so hot on my back. I am currently happy with the length. Firday night I pree pooed with my oil mixture, washed with NTM and conditioned with my Dominican Negra Cream and followed up with a deep conditioning of NTM over night. I wased it out Saturday and I air dried all day with some Fermodyl 619 and NTM silk touch. I am currently 3.5 months post and my roots were so thick and dry for what ever reasons and occured a lot of breakage while trying comb my hair out thouroughly before applying each twist, but hope fully with the daily sprays of water and braid moisturizing spray will help get me out a lot. I plan on washing every two weeks with diluted NTM poo and re-doing my tiwst every three weeks. When re-doing them, I will reduce osme of the hair that was used with each twist to reduce some of the weight and thickness. I am doing a challenge with Kisha and will try to keep these in until October as well. I only gain about .1/2 an inch a month at the most and hope to gain at least 1.5 by the end of this challenge. Wish me luck ladies and check out my twist pics. Enjoy!!!!!!!
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Char's Creations
This is a folder I'm trying to start of my hair clients styles. Something I should have done years ago. Its starting of slow with very little to work with because I haven't starting taking pics until very recent, or when ever I remember.lol. Enjoy :)
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My Hair Products
these are the products that I use on My hair so far.
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Bantu Knot Curl Out Method
Steps to making the Bantu Knot Curl Out
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Protective Styles
Some variation of styles I wear my hair to lessen the manipulation throughout the week.
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Problem area (Now with April updates)
Nov 1, 2006

My problem area of the hairline has put me in yet another challenge. Deejonnay's temple balm challenge. It last for 8 weeks and I'm usig WGO on my edges to help them grow in. Wish me luck.

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My Pictures

This album consists of family,friends, and favorite pics.

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