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Napptural Journey for 2007

January 2007

Cruise 2007 with Family

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January 2007

Hello Ladies and Gents...this month was not a good hair month, I went on a cruise and the water from the ocean and ship broke some of my blonde highlights off :( It was just getting healthy again and now I feel as if I have to start from scratch, but I am resisting the urge to cut it. I'm just going to keep up with my regimen of washing, deep conditioning, and twisting. Hopefully that will help...if you have any suggestions that would help, I would appreciate anything.

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February 2007

Hello Ladies!!! This month is going to be the same story, just trying to maintain my washes, co-washes, twists and keeping as much heat as possible off my hair (which is not going to be very good considering I bought a blow dryer). I was also thinking about getting a sew in, something very natural looking. I really want my hair to grow out a few inches before the summer and my hair stylist suggested that a sew in would do the job. We'll see and I'll definitely keep you posted!

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March 2007

Back for another month!!! Not much interesting going on this month with hair...will update as much as possible...I'm very busy with music so I'll definitely keep you guys posted...just basic twists and twist outs, blow outs and blow twist outs!! Thanks guys for all the support and encouraging words! God Bless and Peace

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April 2007

Hello Ladies! I thank everyone in advance for leaving comments...they are much appreciated. I have been very busy with music and traveling and it's been harder for me to update, but please bear with me and I have not forgotten my new fotki friends! Have a great month Ladies!

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May 2007

Hey guys! okay, this is such a hot mess, i cannot even begin to explain how upset i am...but....MY DIGI CAMERA BROKE OUT OF NOWHERE!!! IT WON'T TURN ON!!! ugh, I could not be more upset, well, the fact that I paid a nice penny, and it's beyond the one year warranty (and I've had it a whole 14 months), and the durn thing won't even turn on!!! Ugh, eletronics!! Needless to say, I won't be updating until I purchase another one! Sorry ladies, but i'll keep you posted as soon as I get a new camera!
*********camera is fixed, yippee***************
will be updating this week!

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June 2007

Hello Ladies and Gents! I will have many more updates this month...basic styles nothing has completely taken over :) I thank you all for your encouragement and kind words! My Fotki friends ROCK!!!

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July ***My B-Day Month!!!*** yeah!!

Hello ladies! yes yes yes, I turned 25 this month on July 4th and yes I'm an independence day baby! I'm so busy with music, so i'll just post some pics from my party, hopefully i'll get back on the bandwagon for August...i'll try not to keep you ladies (and gents) waiting too long!! ;)
God Bless

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Hello Ladies! I know some of you have been wondering where I am...I've been very busy and have had no time for Fotki, I'm sorry...but I am about to post some new updates for the time being...i'm just going to make this one big album for Sept through Dec. I hope everyone is doing well and I miss you guys!!! See ya soon!

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