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070812 - [*Best of*] Tarangire National Park

This was our 2nd day out. I was still using the 1.4x TC with the 300mm Sigma f/2.8 ... and still didn't realize I had the polarizing filter in. It made for some fantastic shots during the day, but was a real handicap as the sun set and we came upon the Leopard at sunset. ... no good shots of that one sadly.

This Album contains what I consider the -best- of the day. All the other 'keepers' are in all the other 070812 Albums, by animal(s).

Dates of pictures are marked relative to EST, off by 7 hours for Tanzania's time.

The Mato Family - 2007


Taken: August 12, 2007
Uploaded: September 01, 2007
Captured with:
Pentax K10D