070820 - Leavning the Serengeti and Day Room @ Kilimanjaro (KIA Lodge)

Birds Birds Bird... at the KIA Airport Lodge.

On our way home. A few shots on the way out. Then we were given a day-room at the Kili airport. Loads of birds flying around our heads, acclimated to all the people. It was overcast, misty and drizzling very lightly. Plus Sun was low on the horizon behind the clouds. Most shots were EV12; birds on the final page were at EV10 or EV11 inside the tree canopy. Had to shoot wide open (sometimes a fraction of a stop down on f/3.2). These buggers were -fast-, so focus is questionable on some of them (and some motion blurred shots included for the fun of it).

o No TC used, using the Sigma 300mm f/2.8 lens.
o All handheld (well, on the 3rd page some of the last were resting on a wood railing).
o Bird shots in the beginning weren't sharp until I increased shutter speed, using TAv mode with aperture at f/2.8 or f/3.2, mandating ISO640 or higher.
o Used Lightroom for final image treatment.

Many bird pics are Crops. If you'd like uncropped for printing to get more color of the back-ground, contact me. But realize then the bird will print 'smaller', if a tad sharper, on the photopaper too.

Dates of pictures are marked relative to EST, off by 7 hours for Tanzania's time.

The Mato Family - 2007


Taken: August 20, 2007
Uploaded: August 27, 2007
Captured with:
Pentax K10D

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