These are ALL custom painted 1:50 Scale Corgi's I have done in the past few years.

        • Well I don't know what year they started using the Short Line arrows on some of the Interstate buses,but I don't paint anything that's not correct. I also have a few pictures of this logo on Interstate buses. If I had your e-mail address I'd send you one. I also worked for BZ for 26 years,but that was after your time..I'm retired now.
          • Doc Brown (Private)
            4 years 10 months ago
            Asbury Park-New York Transit Corp. Asbury Park New Jersey...
            I worked for this company from 1968 until Rollo closed the doors in 1989. I drove 152 more times that I could count. I discovered this site while looking for a fishbowl model that I could paint the APNYT colors and have for my nostalgic collection. It was uplifting to see what you have here.
          • Bruce Nash (Private)
            6 years 5 months ago
             Manhattan Transit Lines
            Where can I possibly purchase these buses along with the older GM buses and the Mack buses. They bring back a lot of memories. Do they possibly make these buses in diecast models. Can you possibly e-mail back with this information. Thank you very much for your time.   Bruce Nash