Models at Random
This album features many of the models I have built over the years. They are in no particular order.
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Projects on the workbench and recently finished
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Peterbilt Model Gallery
Scale Model Peterbilts
albums: 41
Peterbilt Model Gallery II
Scale Model Peterbilt Trucks
albums: 21
Peterbilt Model Gallery III
Peterbilt models - album number three
albums: 38
Peterbilt Model Gallery IV
Peterbilt Model Gallery Four
albums: 33
Peterbilt Model Gallery V
Peterbilt Model Gallery Five
albums: 28
Peterbilt Model Gallery VI
Peterbilt Model Gallery Six
albums: 31
Peterbilt Model Gallery VII
Peterbilt Model Gallery Seven
albums: 32
Peterbilt Motors - The Real Thing
Class Pays - and the Red Oval obsession is displayed here. Photos from the road, at the factory, dealers and old brochure.
albums: 41
Peterbilt Motors Classic Work Trucks
Reference photos of 1960's-1980's vocational and fleet trucks. Photos all copyright to their original photographers.
albums: 10
Brockway Models
Brockway Huskies
albums: 2
Western Star Models
Western Star and White-Western Star
albums: 4
Hayes Model Trucks
Hayes Clippers
albums: 1
Trailers and Bodies
Models of trailers and truck bodies.
Some I no longer have, some are rebuilds of old-built-ups I bought.
albums: 11
Truck Shows
albums: 5
Photos and material from the old NBC Television series
albums: 2
Mack Models
albums: 13
Ford Truck Models
Ford trucks
albums: 15
Kenworth Model Gallery
KW model trucks
albums: 13
Freightliner Models
White-Freightliner and Freightliners
albums: 10
International Models
IH, International truck models
albums: 16
Autocar Models
Autocar model trucks
albums: 5
GMC and Chevrolet Model Trucks
GMC and Chevy
albums: 5
White Trucks
White trucks
albums: 5
Dodge Trucks
The L700, L1000 and BigHorn
albums: 4
Diamond Reo Models
Diamond T, Reo and Diamond Reo models
albums: 9
Misc Model Photos
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Builds of 2013

What I finished and worked on during 2013 - not in order of completion

(I'm sure I'm missing a few...)

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  • Tim Ahlborn
    Box Stocks

    A group of the recently reissued AMT/Round 2 truck kits build out of the box.

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