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Projects on the workbench and recently finished

How I Did It
Photos and text on how I made or reworked pieces into something a bit different.
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2016 In Review

Builds of 2016 - 23 models finished. Probably a dozen more that were worked on but not finished during the year.

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  • Tim Ahlborn
    What's on the bench recently - or a while back still waiting to be finished

    Projects in various stages of completion - some are current, some projects date back a few years waiting to be built.

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  • TimAhlborn
    Dusting and Cleaning

    With open shelves, the models need to be dusted regularly, and occasionally a thorough cleaning with soapy water and a soft cloth - especially after the models have been to a show. I'm convinced the texture/film coating some of the models is from the smoke from BBQ booths near the open doors of the display area.

    Some of these models were built in 16 years ago, others just a few months ago.

    With every cleaning I break things off, or in the case of some older builds, they tend to 'self destruct' if handled too roughly - plenty of repair work happens as part of the cleaning.

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    Builds of 2015

    Trucks built in 2015

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  • Tim Ahlborn
    Misc Stuff - just a parking place for random modeling things
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