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Tim Ahlborn
Random things being worked on
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  • Tim Ahlborn
    Painting For The Future

    Each summer I prepare and paint bunches of cabs/hoods/bodies for future builds - some not being built until the dead of the winter when it is too cold in my garage to paint or some will be built during the upcoming months, some in the winter, some I might not build for years.

    Once the paint is on, cured and polished, I can set them aside for the day when I want to build the model.

    As of this moment (July 3, 2011) I have 24 painted cabs/hoods/sleepers in various stage of completion with some having been painted up to 5 years ago.

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  • Tim Ahlborn
    Rebuilding in blue

    Two blue rebuilds - given to me by Denny Henderson - the Mack and Chevy will be similar colors and scheme. I'll finish these someday...

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  • Tim Ahlborn
    Misc Stuff
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  • Tim Ahlborn

    Jackson came visiting from Canada - a road trip to Texas with a stop in Wisconsin and a few other locations.
    He travels well, doesn't eat much, but sure can complain if you drive too slow.

    In May of 2012 Jackson visited the AutoWorld/Round2 storefront in South Bend, Indiana.

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