East Jerusalem & Goodbye to Israel....GOING HOME

Back in East Jerusalem, we were wowed by The Cathedral of St. George. It was the only gothic church we have seen in northern Israel and in Jerusalem. The architectural splendor inside and outside was complemented by sumptuous gardens surrounding a few courtyards.
Our last site was the American Colony Hotel founded by European Protestants in the late 1800’s seeking a haven for their Christian simplicity while offering a haven for the poor and the downtrodden Jerusalemites. The grandly modest hotel has a comfortable old-world feel to it.

May 25: A fitting end to our stay in Israel was a Classical Music Marathon!! We went to the Jerusalem Theater at 10:30 am for continuous concerts lasting until 4:00 that afternoon.

May 26: Packing to go home, and leaving for the airport the next morning at 6:45. It's sad to leave Israel, but we are anxious to see our sweet grandchildren.

We finally packed up and headed for home. We're glad to be back with our family. But before we left, we had one last marathon of classical music: 10:30 am to 4:30 pm. WOW....and the quality was excellent.