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April 14th Last Day in Tiberius

April 14: It was a rather sad day as we reflected on all the battles fought in Megiddo...and to be leaving this beautiful countryside tomorrow.

Our last day in Tiberias we spent primarily in Megiddo, or named Armageddon in the Book of Revelation because so many pivotal battles were fought there for millennia. But before we got to the national park there, Stan stopped at Afula (very near the West Bank) to see a monument commemorating the Israeli soldiers who died in the wars (from Israel’s inception in 1948 until isolated skirmishes in 2011). Stan got a bit choked up when he saw that one of the soldiers had the same Hebrew first name as he has.

At Tel Megiddo, we toured the site with some ad libbed commentary from a woman (with her three children in tow) who just happened to be a travel guide in Jerusalem. We saw ruins of numerous civilizations since the Iron Age—granaries, water tunnels, horse stables, temples, and cubbyholes next to the main gate, areas most likely used for collecting miscellaneous commercial fees. Just outside of the park, Stan took a picture of a lone, forlorn looking headstone.

As we drove back to Tiberias, we took final pics of the countryside, some more headstones, and shots from our rental condo.

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