Jim Miller's Photos, 30 August 2006

  • 12 years ago
    i havent seen a smile like that in years poppa, i am so very proud of you and all you have accomplished, you have done a wonderful job when it comes to your work thats a well deserved and much appreciated smile you are wearing.love you always and all of you who posted these pictures you dont know what it does to my heart to see his face everyday even if its in a picture online...its been awhile since i last laid eyes upon the man who breathed life back into my lifeless body, the man who loves unconditionally and the man so dedicated and devoted to his work alot of times back in the day alot of extras and even those that were just for the job were from him own pocket money...he is a great man all who perhaps get the chance to meet him make sure u never forget him and you treat him with respect and never lie and then you shall find yourself one of the most loyal friends in the world. A man sent from heaven to touch many hearts!