Big Chop & Beyond
It's almost been 1 year and I am still loving my hair I have got a little lazy already mostly I wash-n-go! it's to thick to twist and stlye all the time and the weather here doesn't help, everything just ends up looking like a fro anyway. But I'm still happy no complants it's growing, it's healthy and I'm happy.
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3 1/2 Years Later
Ok so I have been so far removed from Fotki. Its been over a year since updates. I've been up and down with my hair reached some goals and loss a lot of hair too! Lately I have been so bad not treating it as I should. My hair should be so much longer than it is but Ive been lazy and bored with it. It is growing back but my ends are a mess and damaged so I will finally cut and shape hair. Ive been inspired again! So here we go! I don't have hair update pics but I will try to remember to upload out & about pics from through out the years
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