Random shots from work (Lava Lamp build state notifier!!!)

Random shots from work and around Pioneer Square in Seattle Downtown.

Oh, and if you're wondering, here's the big idea about lava lamps. I work at a software development company where a bunch of developers regularly check in source code into global source code repository. From there, an automated build machine (running CruiseControl.Net) compiles and builds the final product (the "build"). When a developer checks in source code that results in the build machine erroring out and unable to compile, it is said that the developer "broke the build".

Now, the build machine is hooked up to the X10 transceiver (X10 makes home automation products) that remotely turns off or on two lava lamps. If the build is good, the green lamp is on. If the build is broken, the red lamp is on. Simple and effective.

Also, since it takes a while for the lava lamps to heat up, the developer has about 10-15 minutes to fix the build before it becomes apparent to the rest of the company :)

Here's the original article describing how to hook all this up:

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Taken: September 08, 2004
Uploaded: September 09, 2004
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Canon PowerShot SD100