July '08--My Nappy Birth Month

This is the month I did my BC, 7/3/08 to be exact! Also includes pics from celebrating my birthday in Boston with my family and SO..

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The Old Me
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Trying to Grow Healthy Hair!

These are some random pics of me doing my hair. I don't take an awful lot of pics because I'm lazy and rarely do my hair in an actual style, but I'm working on it ;D

Here's my current product lineup:
Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut or Lavendar conditioner
Suave Humectant conditioner
Giovanni's Tea Tree Triple Treat conditioner (tongue-twister ain't it?)
Baking Soda/ACV (to clarify instead of using shampoo)
Shealoe (shea butter/aloe vera gel/olive oil or castor oil)
Plain castor oil
Olive oil/honey (deep conditioner)
A growth oil with: Sage, rosemary, aloe vera, burdock root, olive oil, indian hemp, hops, vitamin e--I think that's all

I also have but don't use daily:
Smooth and Shine Curl Activator w/ Aloe Vera Gel
Kinky Curly Curling Custard/Knot Today Leave-In
Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Milk/Hair Butter

I have other stuff too, I'll make an album for all my products soon.

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My Loc Journey
Aug 15, 2009

I started my locs on August 15, 2009 with two-strand-twists. I always figured I'd loc my hair and about a month prior to starting, I decided it was time.

I'm self-maintaining my locs and used Nappturality.com and Fotki albums as my research, which really gave me all the info I needed =). Luckily I'd learned a lot about my natural hair in general as a loose nappy, so I had a decent base of knowledge to start with.

My regimen is purposely very simple, please read the description of my Month 1 album if you'd like more info.

Originally I planned to maintain by palmrolling but I'm now looking into latching because I've needed to wash and rinse often to keep my scalp clean.

If you'd like to ask any questions, I'm always willing to help so please do drop me a line. Thanks for stopping by =)

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Month 1

9/9/09 Update:
Today I washed my hair for the 3rd time since starting my locs on 8/15 (last wash on on 8/29), and I'm hoping there's no underlying problem. I initially planned to rinse my hair in the shower then do my 1st hot oil treatment, but rinsing brought a lot of buildup to the surface..again..eek!

Here's my current lil regimen:
-Washing when needed with diluted Dr. Bronner's peppermint shampoo
-Once or twice a week I've been doing ACV rinses to help with the itchies
-Rinsing 2 or 3 times a week in the shower
-Spritzing daily or every other day with water/coconut/rosemary/peppermint/tea tree oils

THAT'S IT...my scalp seems to produce enough oil on its own so I don't oil it directly, and the buildup I've been getting doesn't really show up until I rinse. I figure this buildup is one of a few things:
-I need to wash once a week
-Dr. Bronner's doesn't work for me like I thought
-I have to try harder to keep oils away from my scalp

No pics, not much going on BUT I couldn't even wait a full week, I HAD to wash again tonight. My scalp was itching and I was headed to buildup city!

I decided to try Suave's Daily Clarifying shampoo, and I think for now I've found a keeper! I started off by rinsing my hair in the shower under hot water to bring any buildup to the surface, then I applied the shampoo, scrubbed my scalp really well then rinsed. I can definitely feel how this shampoo can be stripping, so that's why I made sure I got it right the first time lol. Having to lather up again could've been a problem. Afterwards I put some oil on my hair, and I was good to go! My scalp was clean and I was happy.

I've also decided to switch to latching for maintanence since it looks like I'll be washing more often. More on that in the month 2 album.

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I Luvvss Me Some Earrings..


I'm in the process of trying to step up my earrings game, so I just wanted to make a special album for them. I love big, bold, funky, statement making earrings..so especially if you or someone you know makes earrings that fit the above description, feel free to let a sistah know =)

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Months 2-3
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