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New hobbyroom and kits 2006 - 2012

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New Tools

After hand cutting the chassis for the Ford F600 I'm working on I thaught that this is not the way to do it. And cleaning op a fiber glass cab with just a hobby knife and soms sanding paper is also not the way to do it. So I shopped around for new tools and ordered my self a very nice table top saw, a mini drill with all the neccessary bits and pieces and also a holder for the mini drill for straight vertical drilling (how do you call such a device in english). The saw is fantastic, it will saw through 3mm of hard plastic easely. I've put a revell paint tin on top of it to show you how small it is. Very quiet aswell. I'm very pleased, now I better start using them and get on with my models.

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Old hobbyroom and kits Nov 2003

This was my hobbyroom before I moved.

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