Rascal Flatts Roadtrip Day 3 - Orange Beach, AL show and M&G

We had row 3, JD's side seats for this show at The Wharf Amphitheatre....Jenn & I also had meet & greets with the guys.
We used the same signs we did in Columbus, except I had an extra one for Chank..."Chank for ACM President" that I held up during Fast Cars and Freedom. JDR came over and was singing FCAF to me and Dani "Staring at you....taking off your makeup..." He saw the sign first, laughed, poked Chank with his elbow and they both had a good chuckle about it. You'll see the pic of them both cheesing for pics with the orange background. Chank later tweeted me that they thought it was funny. Jay and JD also saw and loved again the Entertainers of the Decade sign. We had such a blast at this show. The guys sang "Church on Cumberland Road" again...one of my alll time favorites....and they added "Sweet Home Alabama" Rocked IT!!!!

The lighting was a bit strange at this outdoor venue...so not as happy with these pics as Columbus.