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GEBA ( ) Great Eastern Balloon Association GEBA Family and Friends Picnic
Flights and Competition
Sunday, June 7, 2009
Sarah Dilts Park Delaware Township, NJ

I attended as limousine driver for a multi-generational family party, all first time balloonists.

Personally, I get scared on a ferris wheel, but the balloons seemed so much different. I hate fans, motors, engines, noises. The balloons are quiet, effortless, a bit more harmonious than the so-called aerodynamic principles.

OK, enough preaching. The balloons are great, so are the photos!

They are all high-resolution images and will make excellent prints, gifts, posters and enlargements. Pick some, buy some. Maybe some day I'll be able to take a balloon ride, too!

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Taken: June 07, 2009
Uploaded: June 08, 2009
Captured with:
Nikon D60