A Day in the Park

PhotoQuest101 -
Here is the first batch of photos from the Park! If you don't see your pics, please check back in a few days; I am very busy, but please send me a message any time! Photos can be ordered online. I also have FREE digital pics for your MySpace & email, just drop me a line!

We are also planning a special Picture Day at the park, so keep in touch with the Program Director.

If you would like to arrange a special photo session for you or a family member, please let me know! We can always provide the special pictures for your special event and serve your needs conveniently!

Christopher Cross, Executive Director

C. Cross, Lehigh Valley, PA 2009

DSC 6601

Taken: July 06, 2009
Uploaded: July 09, 2009
Captured with:
Nikon D60

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