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1969 Camaro COPO 427 Azure Turquoise

1: Division: Chevrolet
2: Vehicle Line: Camaro
4: Engine: 8 cylinder
37: body style: coupe
9: Year: 1969
L: Factory: Los Angeles (Van Nuys)
523735: The cars sequence number

Cowl Tag:
69: Year
12: Camaro
4: A fixed number meaning nothing for 1969 cars
37: Coupe
VN: Van Nuys Assembly
269737: Fisher Body sequence number
711: Black standard bucket seats
55 55: Azure Turquoise exterior paint, top and bottom
02: Manufactured in February of 1969
B: Manufactured during the 2nd week of February
J: Manufactured on the 10th production day of the month
534: Body assembly sequence (which included models other than the Camaro)

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2 1312472997132495 13

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Uploaded: October 07, 2011