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Feb 07 (Month 5)

Happy Bday to me first off....I will be 21 years old at 4:32 pm on Monday, February 5th! Woo hoo!

This month I plan on doing box braids the whole month....hopefully we will have a normal wonderful typical Virginia March of warm daggone near Summer temperatures and I can unleash the fro...if not then March will consist of boxbraids as well.....

Also, Ive been noticing something I dont like.....some multiple splits up my strands! Little itty teeny weeny splits that unless you hold it up to a light, you would not see.... I am scared to death because they go to about 1/2 of my hair.....and its quite a few.....not really concentrated to one area but all over....I AM NOT cutting my hair down to a ceasar! And I cannot figure out where this is coming from either......urgh.....

For the Record: Trimmed ends really good on Feb 7.... and Ms-GG will not trim again until April because we are going to become less scissor happy...

And I apologize in advance because I am really busy with school and work and such and updates may become less frequent :(

Hair Cousin in a Mag!
Property of GG

Hair Cousin in a Mag!

I bought that Braids Magazine and to my suprise somewhere between loose naps and nappy weaves (no disrespect to my loose nappy sisters I love you all for sure!) I found a hair cousin! Cool! And its all hers so that was a plus! Courtesy of the mag but they dont know it lol....

Uploaded: February 14, 2007
  • Mamochan United States (Private)
    7 years 11 months ago
    My mag has this same pic in it. I think mine's from a later month though because her pic's not as big in mine.

    girl they stay recycling pics! They