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Feb 07 (Month 5)

Happy Bday to me first off....I will be 21 years old at 4:32 pm on Monday, February 5th! Woo hoo!

This month I plan on doing box braids the whole month....hopefully we will have a normal wonderful typical Virginia March of warm daggone near Summer temperatures and I can unleash the fro...if not then March will consist of boxbraids as well.....

Also, Ive been noticing something I dont like.....some multiple splits up my strands! Little itty teeny weeny splits that unless you hold it up to a light, you would not see.... I am scared to death because they go to about 1/2 of my hair.....and its quite a few.....not really concentrated to one area but all over....I AM NOT cutting my hair down to a ceasar! And I cannot figure out where this is coming from either......urgh.....

For the Record: Trimmed ends really good on Feb 7.... and Ms-GG will not trim again until April because we are going to become less scissor happy...

And I apologize in advance because I am really busy with school and work and such and updates may become less frequent :(

Braidout feb 10th?
Property of GG

Braidout feb 10th?

took my braids out and this is what I got....of course my hair would never stay like this...all extra laid down....not my naps...my hair likes to reach for the sky (or draw back to my scalp lol)...... dot dot dot (next pic)

Uploaded: February 14, 2007