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Year 2 (Can't Tell Me NUFFIN!!)

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July 2008

Today was a good day (7/1/08) my daddy is improving, so I wasn't as frantic and out of my mind and depressed as I have been over the last 7 days so I took a little moment out to do an update and take pics of the new do. I took the twists down, and left the roots braided. I have heard so many positive things about it from watercolorz, galaxygirl, and others that I have decided to give it a try....and let me tell far so good! See for yourself!

And once again thank you for your prayers! I love you all :)

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    June 08

    "If I could get over that hump, then maybe I will feel better"
    Had a lot of personal stuff going on (still do)....but I wore the braids for 19 days and wore a bangin braidout (sorry, my camera's batteries were DEAD) then I have transitioned that into a picked out hair is shedding more heavy than usual, more than it ever has since I have been natural, and I have a hunch that it is due to being stressed out :(
    Im trying to calm down because I am really screwing myself up by being so stressed but I don't know how to stop worrying! lol
    I am too busy to be fooling with my hair and I regret taking the braids out so soon because now I don't have the time to put in a new style and I am killing my hair by picking it out in this puff er' update I might be bald....stay tuned...

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    May 08 (Month 20)

    Back to protective styles I go
    Shout out to Lil Mama aka Soulsista for giving me the inspiration I needed to do thsee micro twists. If you haven't seen hers then you are missing out!!!/april-2008-month-do/hpim5371.html

    Length Check as of this month: 7-9 inches all around :)

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    And the beat goes hair is on lock down right now. Baggy almost 24/7 and the hat stays on while its cold outside or if the air is very dry. I might do an update sometime during next week (March 13ish) we will see.....I have plans to do micro braids (God help me) or either another flat twist style next week so Ill update again once I get done with that....

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    February 2008 (Month 17)

    One of my favorite months of the whole year, black history month and my birthday month! I think this year is the year I will start to lie about my age! lol :P Im getting old....

    I dont think I will be doing as much as I did last month (I had too much time on my hands/too wishy washy on styles) Im tired of fooling with my hair, Im tired of winter and don't think my hair can take too much more of this cold weather, even with all the bagging and hats I hair is not a G and can't ride out the winter weather with me....


    Feb 15-
    One thing about a journey is that it is a learning experience. I am still learning about my hair, its likes and dislikes. And in this learning process although I have this BAA, hair down to my waist goal in mind, I can see that it is going to be alot more challenging than I thought. I thought protective styles 24-7 was going to get me there. And it might, but at this time in my journey I am going to have to take a few steps back and chop my hair off again because this breakage I am experiencing is unreal. On some strands it is almost to 2 inches of my scalp. I don't know WHAT I did exactly, but whatever it is my hair is not happy. So the next time you will see an update from me, whenever that may be, I will have a freshly chopped fro, probably somewhere along the lines of my original 2nd bc because my goal in this nappy thing is HEALTHY HAIR. One of the main complaints I had with relaxed hair was the breakage. And this breakage, brittleness I am experiencing is like flashback, and I don't want to be there again.
    I am not a person to try to hold on to a few strands in the name of long hair, nor do I want a damaged, split end infested fro. I strive to have healthy hair and hopefully with this major MAJOR trim I do I can overcome this minor bump in my journey and give this long hair goal another go round. Besides, Ive heard the 3rd times a charm. I don't know when I will be back, rather it will be tommorrow or April or whenever but do take care....

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    January 08 (Month 16)

    here is a good article on split ends:
    never knew that "dryness" is a cause of split ends...I think that is what screwed me up...did I ever tell you I frickin HATE winter?

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    December (Month 15)

    thank you all for all your kind words. Dont think that because I never responded that I dont appreciate me I do....often I just dont know what to say back....but I thank you all and appreciate you all

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    November (months 14)

    Box braids it is for the whole month....these bad boys I put in in October are gonna last until Thanksgiving Eve, or December if I can that means my updates will be next to ZERO cause I really don't have anything to share other than basic hairstyles....but I wil be visiting you! :)
    Moisture for boxbraids:
    At first I was using world of curls comb out spray, but now I have upgraded to Infusium 23 Leave-In Treatment. I spray the infusium every morning, then I rub either shea butter or castor oil on my ends....I have DRY DRY DRY hair so doing this everyday is not a big deal.....

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    October 07 (Month 13)

    Im debating,Im debating and Im debating...what am I debating about? Whether or not I am going to commit to a Protective Style Challenge.

    Ive been rockin my September twists for 15 days so far and I have no plans of taking them out anytime soon *knocks on wood*

    Since I am lasting this long I am wondering if I am just as thorough and pleased with other sets of twists could I stand keeping my hair twisted up until March. If I go 2-3 weeks per style I think that is duable. That would be a guarenteed 3 inches if I can commit....hhhmmm we will see...
    Update 10/24: I am crossing over to the other side...stay tuned to find out...
    New Love: Shea Butter+Castor Oil+Woc Curl Activator Gel
    Trimmed hair October 17th, next planned trim is in February

    Tip of the Month: To make a Puff even more safe smear a leave in conditioner over the elastic band for extra protection! :)

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