Relaxed Hair (2007-2008)
My hair care journey started in August 2007... I can't remember when I got my 1st relaxer... I know I was relaxed till 2001 then natural 2002-2003 (not really by choice because my hair literally fell out after a home relaxer on 2 different occassions and I had trouble growing it back out), I rocked my natural hair for a while and then relaxed in 2003 and been relaxed since then.
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Transition to Natural (2009-2010)
Last Relaxer: December 20th 2008 Transition Goal: June 20th 2010 @ 18 months post -- I have finally decided to transition to Natural Hair, I have always intended to "sometime in the future".... I had natural hair during my final year at University (2002-2003) but I didn't know much about natural hair care so I ended up getting a relaxer before graduation. I have decided to NOW because: 1. I really love my natural texture, it's soft and just... NICE! My Mother (she passed away March 2008) had the most beautiful hair! After she fell ill and had surgery in 2003, my sister and I cut off all her hair and her natural hair thrived and thrived and was past APL (stretched) before she passed away - her hair was BEAUTIFUL! 2. I had a bit of a setback in December 2008 which resulted in trimming (cutting!) no less than 4 inches of my hair. This has proved to be a blessing in disguise because my hair is shorter and it won't be as HUGE a difference in length when I cut off my relaxed ends after 12 months (or more). 3. I have seen how many ladies(Fotki and hair boards) have taken good care of their natural hair and I believe I can do the same. 4.There's no time like the present and I'm excited! 5. I've had enough of the chemicals! I can stretch my relaxers for 20 weeks with no problem at all so I'm guessing won't have much of a problem for the 1st 6 months... the next 6-12 months after that will be interesting... One thing I refuse to do: Braids or Twists with extensions, weaves (my hairline is too weak for these) or wear half-wigs. Anyway, I want to deal with my hair only from now on. I am glad I tried braids (with no extensions) in week 30... this will now be part of my transition regime. *NEW* MY BLOG: MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL:
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Natural Hair (2010 onwards)
Transitioned for 18 months and I'm glad I did. I plan to try out a few styles during my 1st month all natural... can't wait :)
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