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Braids (Aug-Oct '11)

A few pics of my individual braids I did...I wanted them really long, they're 20". It took me 10-11 hours(not long my kinky twists that I did took longer). I used about 8 packs, I don't really remember. I used the cheap jumbo braiding hair. I've gotten a lot of compliments but Im taking these out in a few weeks and going back to my 2-strand twist (and hopefully some added hair color).

While these were in I've been washing and conditioning my hair twice a week because my scalp gets really itchy/dandruffy. The braids spray I bought only makes it worse.

I've only worn my hair out maybe 5 times since May, so I'm hoping my protective styling will have helped me retain a grip of length ::fingers crossed::

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I tried a fish tail
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