Phase 3 -- Year 2......Apr 07 - June 07

Finally something besides twists!! I will fill in the info later when I get a chance.

****UPDATE 4/4/07***
Sorry just more twists, until I find someone who can braid well out here=(
I changed my mind about doing the maxiglide on all of my hair yet. I do not want to get too much shedding as is common after having a baby. So I will wait until phase IV for that. In addition I am starting my vits again this week.
The kick off to summer, I plan to get my first complete maxiglide session during this time. After that I may do it once or twice a year

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    8 years 7 months ago
    This is wear my "widow's peak"
    great length and pretty colour.
    Thanx!! I will not be coloring for some time though. The weather here is just too darn dry!