****June 2007 UPDATE**** i've decided to go on a hair hiatus. i want to thank all of you for your wonderful comments and support, but i'm going to take a break for a while. you may still see me lurking on some boards, but for the most part, i'm on hair-sabbatical. good luck everyone! have a great summer! =) **************************************************** hello all! i just wanted to take out time to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for visiting and leaving me such wonderful comments. you have no idea how great it feels to come home after a crappy day and read these. i appreciate the time you guys have taken to spread the love in my albums. unfortunately, i haven't been reciprocating. due to my laziness, scatterbrained-ness and trying to graduate, i haven't been responding like i used to in the beginning. and i apologize if anyone felt ignored or was offended by that. i would just turn off the comments to prevent this from happening, but how would people post questions about a specific picture? i love helping people and sharing what i've learned over the years, even if sometimes i get overwhelmed and don't respond in a timely manner. sorry. =( in any case, i just wanted to say thanks to everyone, the commenters and the lurkers. you truly are appreciated! and i hope once i get my life back on track and into some kind of order, i can visit your albums too. good luck to everyone in your own personal journeys. =)
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