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Gypsy & Cuda puppies born 12-22-2007

Gypsy Cuda pups here - look for newborn album 12- 22- 2007 Gypsy/Cuda should say "new" to the left of album

2007 - My program, in memory of Dennis - May 25, 2007

Puppies due: April, 2009 - Gypsy & Cuda
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Better News

It is with great sadness that I must tell all of our past and present puppy family that Denny, my husband of 42 years, passed away in the early morning hours of February 25, 2007 from a heart attack. His death was sudden and unexpected. He was just too young to be taken from us. Please keep us in your prayers. The chocolate girls all know something is terribly wrong.
Thank you

Nothing has changed in regard to my breeding program. I took a little time off to regroup and get settled again after Denny's sudden passing. I will continue with the program Denny and I started so many years ago. I found that life must continue even though I felt like giving up for a while, as most people must feel when something smacks us in the face this hard. I missed the puppies and most importantly, I missed puppy people coming to stand in awe at these squiggly little brown balls of fur.

"New Dawn"! Little did I realize how fitting my farm & kennel name would be when I put it to paper back in 1976. The name has weathered the test of time, through many births of Arabian horse foals, the birth of White German Shepherd babies, Chocolate Lab, Yellow Lab, & Black Lab puppies, and most recently the passing of Dennis. Every "New Dawn" brings renewal and the promise that the circle of life continues. We all pick ourselves up and continue on our own journey through whatever life still has planned for us.

I stand in awe after every single new puppy birth. I smile when spring comes and everything on this planet renews itself. How lucky we are. Through my illness of Multiple Sclerosis, I have learned to take every "New Dawn" and make the best of it. I sure hope God has blessed you with family, friends, and many animal companions on your own personal journey. And thank you to each and every one of you that has, or will have a "New Dawn Lab" in your family. You will be part of this extended puppy family here at New Dawn. :o)

New Dawn's Abbey Brown is due to have puppies from Candlewoods Legacy JR in May, 2008.

Candlewood's Ms. Escalade (Callie) is due to have puppies very early in June, 2008.

Please call or write if you are interested in a puppy from either litter. Send your e-mail to

Please call and leave a message if interested. Leave your name, number, and reason for call at 1-920-563-5474. Thank you

Val and the chocolate girls.

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