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NSRG Supernovas and Northern Lights (travel teams)

What better way to make friends with other derby leagues than by paying a friendly visit and bashing each others' brains out? Here are all the photos of NSRG's two travel teams, the Supernovas and the Northern Lights, having high-speed fun against some rockin' sister cities.

2007-2008 Supernovas
Fall 2007 to November 2008: Black Sunshine, Camel Toni, Cher Noble, Jowanna BEATDown, Katarina Hit, Kayzilla, Kili St. Cyr, Medusa, Naughty Kitty, Olga Ogilthorpe, Pogue Mahone, Pippi Van Whalen, Roller Vixen, Spanish Fly Girl, Tin Lizzy, Torii Hunt Her, Betty LaRude, Maggie McFacestomp.
albums: 8