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Boston in Winter

  • Jacket Potato United Kingdom (Private)
    10 years ago
    DSCN5621 Edited
    This one is cool! Sunny weather and everyone is busy with they own thoughts. Love his expression .
    me too - I asked his permission and he said OK and I enjoyed shooting into the sun to emphasize his isolation
  • Jacket Potato United Kingdom (Private)
    10 years ago
    DSCN5634 Edited
    This one is like frome some movie.. How did you do this effect? Or was it the real painting? Looks like lava 8-O
    I manipulated the 'levels' and contrast... just to pump it up and make it more dramatic but otherwise all real foto that was too boring without a bit of 'Hollywood'
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    10 years 5 months ago
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    10 years 7 months ago
    wonderful idea!