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Peterbilt 352 Pacemaker

The Peterbilt 352 is a particular favourite of mine. This particular truck is based on a 1970 vehicle and will feature my version of a Clatterpillar 1693TA diesel engine. Colours will be dark blue frame and lower cab. White in the middle of the cab and light blue top part of cab. For further information on Peterbilt 352 Pacemakers check Tim Ahlborn's web site


Engine in Frame

Fitting the engine in the frame was difficult because the height interferes with the engine tunnel in the cab. It took a lot of carefull adjustments to get it to sit right and clear the dog house. Its interesting to note that the 1693TA is a taller engine than the Cummins KTA due to the position of the turbocharger. The bigger air cleaner is scratch built and sits approximately 1/16" further back than the kit one. When you appreciate the difficulties of installing big engines in the Pacemaker you realise why Peterbilt introduced the 352H model which was 4" taller.

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Uploaded: October 02, 2012