Israel's First Decade

On the occasion of Israel's 60 Independence Day, I have uploaded a selection of photos published 50 years ago, on Israel's 10th Independence Day.

Typically for the time and place, most of the photos deal with collective experiences and man-manned environment rather than with individual experiences or nature's beauty. Many photographers focused on documenting Israel's achievements, and not because they were enlisted for that job. They were simply, genuinely overwhelmed by the existence and development of the young state.

All the photos are scans from the book "Be'Asor Le'Yisrael" (On Israel's Decade), edited by Avraham Herman and Yigael Yadin. There are no individual credits for the photos.

Masada Publishing


Actually, this part of the city hasn't changed dramatically. You can already see the port and the large grain silo besides it.

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Uploaded: April 27, 2008
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