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(c) Orly Yahalom
Jerusalem: The Old City
Feb 8, 2004

My first album of Jerusalem, including a tour on the Old City walls and views of some of the city's most important sites.

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Mt Zion, Mt of Olives & The Kidron Valley
Jun 7, 2005


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Friday in Jerusalem
Jun 9, 2006

Three parallel universes living side by side: Mahane Yehuda famous market, the cloistered neighborhood of Me'a She'arim and the Old City's Muslim Quarter.

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(c) Orly Yahalom
Snow in Jerusalem
Jan 30, 2008

Holidays are almost a routine in Jerusalem, as it is inhabited by many religions and factions. However, once in a few years Jerusalem enjoys a very special holiday, as the 800 meters high city is covered with snow.

On such an event, joy and excitement sweeps everyone in the Holy City (except some tourists who are indifferent to snow). Schools in Jerusalem are closed, as well as many workplaces, and transportation in and to the city is disrupted.

At the same time, most lowland Israelis enviously watch the news, which constantly deal with the snow above any other issue. Many other Israelis head to Jerusalem, facing the risk that the snow would melt by the time they manage to deal with the traffic.

This time I've decided not to miss any chance of capturing snow in Jerusalem. The result is technically inferior to my other albums, but I still like it very much.

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(c) Orly Yahalom
Ort Braude trip to Jerusalem
Jul 4, 2010

Trip with my colleagues from the Ort Braude College Software Engineering Department, July 2010.

טיול שנתי של המחלקה להנדסת תוכנה, ביוזמה ובארגון של מיכל מהלר - הרבה תודות למיכל!

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