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Jordan, the Other Side

A journey from north to south along some of the main sites on the western part of Jordan.

The Jordan River, Dead Sea and Arava Desert separate the Jordanian Kingdom on the east from Israel and the West Bank on the west. Hence the name of the album. Israel and Jordan are very much connected historically, geogrphically, and politically, not to mention that each country is very well visible from another. Jordan and Israel are officially in a state of peace since 1994, yet this is my first visit.

(c) Orly Yahalom

Karak (Kerak) Castle, a partial view

The castle was built by the Crusaders, though it has seen many subsequent residents and invaders. Most famously, the castle is known for the battle between the Muslim leader, Saladin, and Raynald of Châtillon, who was the Crusader Lord of Oultrejordain (Transjordan).

Saladin and Raynald have signed peace treaties, but Raynald has broken them, and attaked caravans of pilgrims to Mecca, since despite his title he was merely a robber. Saladin's forces have led a long siege on Karak's castle. After capturing it, Saladin allowed the ordinary Crusaders to leave freely, but executed Raynald in person.

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