Memorial to Betty dog 4/19/1990 - 6/7/2005

After returning home from work 6-6-2005 I found my old dog Betty collapsed unable to get up on her own must have been the near 90 degree heat the hottest day so far this year. I helped her into my basement where it is much cooler. I quenched her lightly with some water and let her cool. I checked in on her before I went to bed she looked very distressed.(See photos) The morning of 6/7/2005 I checked her before I went to work she no longer labored breathing but her breath was shallow and slow. She was also more or less unresponsive. I did not expect her to be alive when I returned from work this day. She was locked in the basement I thought but to my surprise when I entered my house she was upstairs in the dining room. Still very shaky but far better than she was. I could not bear to see her go through this again so I took her to my VET and had her put to sleep. I will miss her!


Betty 4 before ride to Vet

Minolta DSC

Uploaded: June 07, 2005