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Birthdays, Anniversaries, Social Events & Weddings - 2007

Patrick McMillan
Joyce & Leonard Leighton's 50th Anniversary
Jun 23, 2007

I've had the pleaure of teaching Joyce and Leonard for about 20 years. Some students feel more like family than friends so it is always a joy to share in their special moments. That was the case with their 50th Anniversary. They celebrated with family, friends, a live band and great food and of couse - dancing... Leonard said he was blessed to have Joyce as a wife for 50 years, Joyce said the same thing of Leonard and my life is blessed as well having the two of them as friends and students.

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Patrick McMillan
Hannah Elizabeth Palmer & Bradley Clyde McMinn
Aug 25, 2007

Hannah & Brad's wedding was held at the University United Methodist Church and what a grand wedding. Not only was the wedding beautiful so was everyone in the wedding. I've had the privilege of knowing the Palmer's for about nine years and I've never met a family that works so well as a team. There is so much love and they share that love with everyone around them. I was first introduced to the Palmer famly in one of my Swing Dance Classes. Tom & Trudy signed all the kids up but not themselves. Well one night Nathan & Hannah had to miss so Tom and Trudy took their place. That was an adventure! I told them to come back next week that I had a lot of work to do!!! ha-ha They did and I did and we did and I've enjoyed knowing them every since. Following the Swing Class we started a small group class with the Palmer family and their friends. That class continued to grow and now we have classes the third Saturday of every month for the San Antonio area home schooled students and their families. This is all due to the continuous hard labor of Trudy & Tom Palmer and Debbie & Bruce Rice. Great job guys!!!
The Wedding Reception was held at Los Patios and the grounds are perfect for an indoor/outdoor party. I took a total of 350 photos, deleting those that weren't worthy and ended up with 275. I'm really pleased with most of the photos and I hope you enjoy downloading the ones you like. If you wish to have copies printed you can order from the Fotki Site online. The "BEST" to Hannah & Brad.

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