PNP Christmas Bash, Miami Florida
Dec 19, 2009

Photos by Emmanuel Ardouin & Michel Vieux.
All Rights Reserved.

Original Shleu-Shleu in Miami
Dec 12, 2009

Photos par Emmanuel Ardouin
Narration par Frankie Morone.
All Rights Reserved.

En effet, les Shleu Shleu ont célébré ce Samedi 12 Décembre 2009 un retour a Miami. Cette soirée fut exceptionnelle et unique. Ils étaient "presque" tous présents et on peut ajouter qu'ils ont bien traversé le temps. Ils étaient tous élégants, sympathique, jovials et souriants. Ils nous ont interprété avec brio des chansons telles que "Deviner" "Dans la vie" "Café au lait" . Cela nous a fait revivre notre jeunesse. Ils ont aussi rencontré KiKi Wainwright, l'auteur de "Haiti Terre de Soelil" pour lui remercier de sa contribution de marque.
Sans même retracer la carrière des Shleu Shleu, on se rappelle qu'ils étaient les premiers a apporter un changement au traditionnel "compas". Sur ce, ils ont fait école. On se rappelle aussi de leurs soirées a Kenscoff, au Berg Hotel, au Rond Point Night Club, la Patinoire et surtout les soirées privées......etc.
C'était la belle époque. Comme toujours Pikliz a l'avant garde était la. Nous vous invitons a faire un petit tour et a regarder ces photos. Vous éprouverez sans nulle doute une nostalgie (car nous l'avions aussi) de notre jeunesse. Nous aimons beaucoup les commentaires; n'hésitez pas a en faire un.
Bravo les Shleu Shleu pour cette soirée extraordinaire. Nous vous aimons. We love you Guys...

Zeklè - Mizik Mizik - Harmonik at Bongos for Thanksgiving.
Nov 26, 2009

Photos by Francois Adrien
What a night ! What a performance from Zekle- Mizik Mizik and Harmonic. Wow! If you were not there you have no idea what you have missed , Enjoy some pictures

Nu-Look & Royal Caribbean, Pijama Party.
Oct 27, 2009

Photos by Francois Adrien

Nu-Look & Royal Caribbean Cruise, Day 2
Sep 20, 2009

Photos by Francois Adrien.

It was a beautiful day by the pool and also the party at night with hu ...more

mourist Jesler Mesidor, Josminah and NU-Look was great and one of a kind. Doubi from the band system band took us to another planet that night . Please enjoy these ome pictures.

Nu-Look & Royal Caribbean Cruise, Day 1.
Sep 19, 2009

Photos by Francois Adrien

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PNP, 5th Anniversary Bash, Miami Florida, Vol 1
Aug 8, 2009

Photos by Manny Ardouin & Michel Vieux

It happened again, this time for the 5th time. Happy Days guys.

PNP, 5th Anniversary Bash, Miami Florida, Vol 2
Aug 8, 2009

Photos Courtesy of Carlito & Ti Do

PNP, Pre 5th Anniversary Showdown
Aug 7, 2009

Photos by Manny Ardouin

Before the celebration of their 5th Anniversary, Pikliz takes you backst ...more

age with PNP. Note the aggregate of guests from New-York & Miami. (ie.. Sergo Guerrier of Tabou Combo, Peddy of Original Shleu-Shleu, Tico Pasquet of Gypsies & Magnum Band, Loubert Chancy of Skah-Shah & Serge Breton of Les Chelberts.
Rehearsal at Didi Altiné's house the night before their 5th anniversary. See for yourself.

Gil Laraque/IPG LLC
Mushi Widmaier @ MOCA Cafe
Aug 16, 2009

Pictures by Gil Laraque (C) IPG LLC

Another evening in the company of Mushi Widmaier, his friends Doni, Harvel, Jowee & Ernst

Shleu Shleu au Club Camaraderie.
May 23, 2009

Photos taken by a fan of les Shleu-Shleu

Mar 29, 2009

Photos Courtoisie Veronica De La Croix.
KWEYOLE LA @ The Sheraton Ball Room in Braintree MA.

It ...more

has been a wet Sunday in the northeast, while it undetermined everybody else did today I know what the Haitian of Boston have in their schedule rain or not;”the perfect remedy was; KWEYOL LA. It rained all day till 9:40 pm, which had a lot to do with the fans late arrival, between 10 and 12 am the party was full with fans and none stop entertaining, KWEYOL LA is a one of a kind band strictly for it's unique sound, without any break the stars rocked the whole night with the fans at their league. At 1:05 am Ti Djo took five minutes to make announcement for; the Haitian Music Industry, the upcoming events such as; Boukman experience next week end, Sweet Micky and Harmonik the week end after. Then he returned to business as usual, throughout the night the lead singer made shout outs to me and another fan who was celebrating her birth day as well , I can't vow for the other fan but I felt very special to have been in a ball on such a special night. The party got hotter and hotter as time went by and the faithful fans aligned in the front row to worship their star up-close. As the night came to its end Ti Djo sang last year Carnaval for just five minutes where gayer pay took possession of the crowd before it was time to wrap it up. The fans wanted two minutes out of this year Carnaval but it was too late! Over all it was a great party who ever didn' t attend missed out big time. I wanted to give my condolences to Stanley the lead guitarist for KWEYOL LA, son of the late legendary Artist Porky from DIPI EXPRESS but in my hurry to interview Ti Djo he must have left to his room but I hope he reads it in this review. I congratulate KWEYOL LA FOR A WELL PLANE OUT NIGHT AND EPIM PA BON ENTERTAINMENT FOR MAKING IT POSSIBLE FOR BOSTON TO SEE THE STARS AGAIN.

Much love goes to the fans for their outstanding behavior before and after the party.

Shleu-Shleu @ Ft. Lauderdale Florida
Mar 14, 2009

Photos by Manny Ardouin

Un groupe musical qui refuse de mourir. Alors qu'ils etaient passés comm ...more

e néant...soudainement un brain de souffle, puis une respiration normale, un battement de coeur ...jugé acceptable...Shleu-Shleu refait surface. Connu pour leurs chez d' oeuvres tels que" dan la vie" "devinez " ils sont de retour cette fois pour rester.

Sous la direction de Smith Jean-Baptiste et de Jean Max St-Victor (Zouzoule), Robert Martino, Gogo Latortue (au Sax Alto) Ti Yale du Djet-X et certains autres inconnus se sont mélés pour faire de ce rassemblement une page remarquable.Ils sont tous des laureats de la musique.
Pikliz est fier de mettre sur son syte des photos de ces genies de la musique haitiennes. En effet ils le sont. Regardez les et si toute fois cela vous plait n' hesitez pas à faire un commentaire. Les musiciens certes seraient tres ravis. Merci d' ors et deja pour votre visite.

"KRAZY" in Boston
Mar 7, 2009

Photos & Review by Veronica de la Croix
All rights reserved.

KRAZY @ Large in Boston, 03/14/09.


Unexpectedly the news of the star band known as “Krazy” came to the Boston media on Thursday march 12, about two days before the ball. The confirmation tickets were purchased on 3/13/09 and the media couldn’t wait to see how KALIKO INTERTAINMENT was going to pull it off. On Saturday the band landed in Boston. For some unknown reasons the ball didn’t start until 11:15 but when it did the fans were on their feet until the end. For a sudden party the band as a whole seemed to have the entire night well planed out; it started with their original hit from 11:15 to 11:50, then the crowd had the honor to hear (se pou mari jozi) it’s for Marie-Josie from none other than our legendary late artist koupe kloure. At 12:30, they performed: I see you winning up in the floor by the A.M.I artist Acon which was followed by another piece from his album, afterward MICA had the fans crossing their hands above their heads as a sign of our sweet home; Haiti’s dilemmas to let go only after repeating after him; lage’l (let it go or leave it alone) it was my favorite part of the night. At 1:20 MICA introduced Serge the gong player to the fans, they switch stand as MICA played the gong and Serge sang on of Kdans hit piece” a tout franchise” and it was sensational. At 1:30 just when we thought we had seen it all, it was show time on stage, first the newest member Donald from Nu_Look reignited the sparks with his guitar, followed by an over the top same tease by each member of the band where the drummer won all the hearts. At 1:40 another English performance by MICA titled; Hotel California by the eagles ( kalifoni otel) and at 1:50; we had another pleasure of hearing “miyan miyan” ( smoothing/ smoothing) by koupe kloure again and I just have to add; the only way you wouldn’t think koupe was in the ball room; was if you looked at the stage, above all the song’s originality was not missing which brought the party to it’s end. But the fans demanded a carnaval piece from the #1 winner of 08 carnaval just 2 minutes on the clock before the end and like KRAZY it was granted, for the last two minutes the remaining fans danced Krazy one last time and this was how the party finally ended. This was the first time I have seen so many media covering an event, maybe it’s because without the bands entertainments every aspect of any show is quietly limited, maybe it’s because DJAKOUT couldn’t make it last time they were schedule to perform in Boston, which makes the last ball we had here in Boston was on 2/15/09 by: CARIMI & NU_LOOK. But Boston was long for last night indeed; we had Tele Image with Mario Archer on the camera, Tele Diaspora with Reggie from Reggie Dee production on the camera, an online company who had the event live, and of course me as a correspondent writer for www.pikliz.com so MICA was very busy afterwards between the fans who had to get their pictures taken with the star and the media who were being impatient for their turns where some were even being shady instead of waiting. Regardless, at the end the party who started a bit shaky had turned to a great party filled with entertaining fun to keep the fans anticipating for the next occasion to go KRAZY@ large.

I interviewed MICA after the show, and here’s what he said:

-Veronica- hi Michael, is there any more Boston in your agenda for 2009?

-MICA: well I don’t know if I really get the question, but as long as I’m asked I will come.

-Veronica: good Boston will definitely love to see more of you, are you aware that party ends at 2 am and it’s essential the bands be on stage as the door open?

-Mica: well the moment I was told to take the stage I did, next time I will definitely get on stage when the doors are open, so that the fans won’t have to wait on me.

-Veronica: well as promised I won’t hold you long and thank you for answering my questions.

-Mica: It was my pleasure.

Support Haitian artist=supporting Haiti.

By: Veronica de la Croix.

All rights reserved.

Nu Look & Carimi, Valentine Celebration
Feb 15, 2009

Photos Courtoisie Veronica de La Croix.

Just a day after the lover's holiday, Boston welcome the ...more

nominee for 2008 wildest party CARIMI and the most sold album and concert tickets of 2008 NU LOOK.

CARIMI started the party at 9 pm they performed marvelously all their songs and delivered their Carnaval of 2009 title (zandolit)where the drummer came to the front to show the crowd how to dance like a lizard (zandolit) after the 2009 carnaval they perform the 2008 until it was time for NU LOOK to get on Stage.

While NU-LOOK was setting up the stage I had the oportuninity to as Richard Cave three questions and this is what he answered below: Veronica- hi Richard, happy new year to you. Richard-hi veronica once again it's a pleasure, happy valentine's day although it’s a day later Veronica-thanks same to you, Richard the party you gave Boston in 2008 was selected as the wildest party of the year 08, tell me what can Boston expect from CARIMI in 2009? Richard- well will be working in a new album for this year, it might come out as late as December but it' ll be out this year. Veronica- well, I' ll look forward to that, Richard this party was changed address in the last minute what do you think about the outcome of the crowd? Richard- I think we did very well considering the circumstance of the sudden change of location. Veronica-I triple that is CARIMI ready for next week’s Carnaval in HAITI ? Richard- oh yeah and I predict CARIMI will be # 1 Veronica-I wish your band the best of luck, thank you Richard for your time and answers. Richard- thanks, bye.

NU_LOOK continued the party the first song was very short and Gazman one of the lead singers of the band shouted Boston the deal went wrong” meaning Boston bagay la gate or it didn't go down as plan. Then he and his crowd started chanting oh Jesus the load is heavy meaning jezi o chay la lou and throughout the night every now and then he will say something out of contest because of the bad press that's been surrounding NU_LOOK since October 18th 2008 from the incident in which most of the band members were stranded in the Canadian border which resulted the band to start later than they usually did was already a problem the band was working hard to amend. six weeks later on November 26th the band comeback to Boston, as promised from the previous time they started @ 8 pm and Boston was satisfied, the title of me review for that night was Boston fans still love NU_LOOK but was changed because my boss too didn' t believe the band deserve such title. Between then and last night the media took their big bite one by one to bring down the band, first they blame the other lead singer; Arly Larivierre for taking deposit from two promoters, the singer went to KOMPA MAGAZINE and explained that he could not be responsible for the wrong doing of the band booking managers, when the media heard it, they took another route and proclaimed Boston is divided with NU_LOOK, every one will boycott the band if they dare to show up in Boston again. For a minute the media thought there were ahead of the game, the group was suppose to come under IT INTERTAINEMENT but came under Bazile entertainment, the location was suppose to be the Boston art center in downtown where the parking was 4 blocks from the ball room, and the fans would have to pay for it, in the meanwhile Zin was schedule to perform at the Sheraton Tara hotel in Braintree which was very accessible with on site unlimited free parking, when Bazile put two and two together he suddenly changed the party location one week prior to Quincy's gulf club in quarry hills with on site free parking and a magnificent ball room and gorgeous settings from the entrance to the ball room. The media got on Bazile entertainment for the inconsistent he was bringing in the Haitian music industry and predict nothing but mediocrity on last night. The fans wanted to show the media that only what they think matters, it's their money that pays their entry to the parties, not the media's and they will say when and how their bond with their favorite band will break but last night was out of the question. The party went super every one had a good time and there was no fight. Door was open as schedule and prices went up to 40 dollars at the door unadvertised Congratulation to Bazile entertainment, CARIMI for their loving performance that kept the crowd rocking to the last second and NU_LOOK for the unforgettable ending. I approach singer Arly Larivierre for Questions:
Veronica-hi, happy New Year and happy valentine's, what do you think the media was speculating a boycott against your band? Arly-well, veronica if you don’t mind let’s just judge the presence of the crowd for that question Veronica -very well, Arly your band was selected as the most sold ticket and album of 2008, what will NU_LOOK have for the fans for this year 09? Arly- a surprise Veronica-NU_LOOK came out with a xarnaval for the first time why? Arly- we heard we didn’t have a carnaval in our album because we couldn’t do it so I guess we show it. Veronica- Arly I had left 6 messages to request an interview without response, can you tell me why? Arly- not at this time but I promise Haitian music industry and exclusive next time Veronica- good I look forward to it, thank you Arly- thank you.
If that review do not display the way I write it, this will be my last.

Supporting Haitian Artist is Supporting Haiti
Veronica De La Croix

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"Caribbean Sextet " 1977-1996. History
Feb 10, 2009

Photos Courtesy Réginald Policard.
Historical background provided by Reginald Policard to Manny Ard ...more

ouin, Francois Adrien & Frankie Morone.

Narration Frankie Morone, Edited by François Adrien & Manny Ardouin. Album released in Feb 2009.

In the mid 70's a band by the name " Bueno Sunshine" played every Friday night at the "Ibo- Lele Shango Lounge". The musicians were Jean- Jean Laraque, Robert Martino, Alix Corvington and Montreuil. The very talented keyboardist Reginald Policard, after completion of his studies in New York City returned to Haiti on July 1976. The Shango Lounge was one his favorite place to relax and, he was occasionally asked to play the piano with the band. The attendance at Shango was more than desirable on those Fridays.

As the year was ending and the holidays around the corner, Jean-Jean Laraque learned over the radio that another band was given the gig to play at the hotel Ibo Lele New Year's Eve party. He called Reginald Policard and both were extremely disappointed. After a long conversation, the idea came to form another band. Jean-Jean Laraque's brother (Toto) was contacted, and he agreed to be part of the project. Other musicians contacted were: Kiki Coupet (vocals) and Alix Corvington(Bass). By December 28, 1976, the Caribbean Quintet (name chosen by Reginald) was officially formed.

A few of months later, (Feb 1977) "Caribbean Quintet" began to play at the famous "Dind a Ling" club. It didn't take long for success to come their way. Unfortunately a few weeks later, Toto Laraque (guitarist) became ill and Boulot Valcourt was called to temporarily replace him. Around the same time, Kiki Coupet decided to emigrate to the US and Yves Jeudi (Alias Tarzan) became the new lead singer. The "Caribbean Quintet" was then composed of 1-Réginald Policard, 2-Jean Jean Laraque, 3-Yves Jeudi(Tarzan), 4- Toto Laraque who came back and began to play again, and 5- Alix Corvington. (Bass) . A few months later, the quintet decided to record a few songs and Maxime Castera joined them as a special guest at the conga for that first recording. Many songs were recorded but one of them "Tripotage" a beautiful tune composed by Reginald himself, was played several times at Lionel Benjamin's show on Radio Metropole one of the leading radio station in Port -au - Prince and became a hit.

Things were moving very well for the "Caribbean Quintet". Gaguy Depestre a great musician decided to return to Haiti.On July 3rd, 1977, he went to "Ding a Ling night club" for an evening of relaxation. Of course the famous "Quintet" was performing there as usual. Gaguy was deeply impressed by a song called "Dominique" composed by Réginald for his fiance. He loved it so much, that he decided to get his flute and requested that they play it again so he can accompany them. It was such a beautiful interpretation that at the end of that evening, Gaguy Depestre was invited to join the group. The "Quintet" then became "Sextet".

1- Reginald Policard - Maestro, Keyboard.
2 - Philippe Laraque(Toto) - Guitar
3- Jean-Jean Laraque - Drums
4- Alix Corvington - Bass
5- Yves Jeudi (alias Tarzan) - Lead Singer
6- Gaguy Depestre - Tenor Sax & Flute

The great "Caribbean Sextet" no longer formally exists, but the fans are very proud of that group and, to this day enjoy listening theirs recordings and some hits such as " Dominique"- " La chatte de Fifi" -" La person" just to name a few. Toto Laraque whenever he plays his guitar and the microphone at the same time he is simply " funny ". He is not a singer so to speak but " Caribbean Sextet" goes with his voice. His lyrics flow vividly and natural. If you do not believe me listen to "la revanche de Jolibois". One cannot listen to that song or " Madougou" and not have a hearty smile on your face when he " sings".


We are inviting you to take a look at some very rare and interesting pictures courtesy of the Maestro Réginald Policard. As usual your comments are greatly appreciated. Please do not hesitate to post one.