Photos Courtoisie Veronica De La Croix.
KWEYOLE LA @ The Sheraton Ball Room in Braintree MA.

It has been a wet Sunday in the northeast, while it undetermined everybody else did today I know what the Haitian of Boston have in their schedule rain or not;”the perfect remedy was; KWEYOL LA. It rained all day till 9:40 pm, which had a lot to do with the fans late arrival, between 10 and 12 am the party was full with fans and none stop entertaining, KWEYOL LA is a one of a kind band strictly for it's unique sound, without any break the stars rocked the whole night with the fans at their league. At 1:05 am Ti Djo took five minutes to make announcement for; the Haitian Music Industry, the upcoming events such as; Boukman experience next week end, Sweet Micky and Harmonik the week end after. Then he returned to business as usual, throughout the night the lead singer made shout outs to me and another fan who was celebrating her birth day as well , I can't vow for the other fan but I felt very special to have been in a ball on such a special night. The party got hotter and hotter as time went by and the faithful fans aligned in the front row to worship their star up-close. As the night came to its end Ti Djo sang last year Carnaval for just five minutes where gayer pay took possession of the crowd before it was time to wrap it up. The fans wanted two minutes out of this year Carnaval but it was too late! Over all it was a great party who ever didn' t attend missed out big time. I wanted to give my condolences to Stanley the lead guitarist for KWEYOL LA, son of the late legendary Artist Porky from DIPI EXPRESS but in my hurry to interview Ti Djo he must have left to his room but I hope he reads it in this review. I congratulate KWEYOL LA FOR A WELL PLANE OUT NIGHT AND EPIM PA BON ENTERTAINMENT FOR MAKING IT POSSIBLE FOR BOSTON TO SEE THE STARS AGAIN.

Much love goes to the fans for their outstanding behavior before and after the party.

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