PNP, Pre 5th Anniversary Showdown

Photos by Manny Ardouin

Before the celebration of their 5th Anniversary, Pikliz takes you backstage with PNP. Note the aggregate of guests from New-York & Miami. (ie.. Sergo Guerrier of Tabou Combo, Peddy of Original Shleu-Shleu, Tico Pasquet of Gypsies & Magnum Band, Loubert Chancy of Skah-Shah & Serge Breton of Les Chelberts.
Rehearsal at Didi Altiné's house the night before their 5th anniversary. See for yourself.


Uploaded: August 08, 2009
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  • Greg (Private)
    4 years 9 months ago
    The professor making a point to the student. Believe me I am paying attention to his every word.
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