2009 Miami Riverwalk Festival.
Nov 24, 2009

Photo By Francois Adrien

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Miami Bingo Night was just craaaaaaazy!
Oct 3, 2009

Photos by Enzo Alcindor & Régine Honoré

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Joe Sanchez for city of Miami Mayor 2009

Photos by Rahcel Moscoso Denis

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Miami World Challenge 2009 Press Release.
Sep 28, 2009

Photos by Francois Adrien.

City of Miami Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones has joined forces wit ...more

h five US cities on Monday, September 28, 2009 to launch a voting campaign to support Port-au-Prince, Haiti in a competition that can bring the capital city one step closer to expanding a new waste management project that converts trash into energy. If Haiti gains the most votes, they will win a grant provided by BBC World News to extend that program.

Please vote for Haiti by going to :

Click on Haiti and follow instructions. It will only take a few seconds . Be part of the solution and vote Haiti for a good cause

Enjoy some pictures of the Press Release conference in Miami.

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MLS Futbolito annual four-on-four soccer tournament.
Jun 12, 2009

Photos by Francois Adrien

MLS Futbolito, the annual four-on-four soccer tournament, at Kendall S ...more

occer Park, 8011 SW 127th Ave Miami, FL 33183.

The event is for all ages, and skill level. Miami is one of 13 communities around the country involved in the tournament -- although the only one without an MLS team.

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Miami Caribbean Catwalk, 2009
Nov 7, 2009

////// Vèvè Collection by Phelicia Dell /////

Photos by Francois & Jessie Adrien, Paul Leger

Caribbean Catwalk 2009 presented by Caribbean American Visual Cultural Preservation Inc.

Little Haiti Cultural Center
Sant La

The Power of Women
Posted on 01 May 2009

Investing in the Vital Voices that Transform Our World

By Diane von Furstenberg

Throughout March, I was reminded of the power of women to transform the world. I celebrated this power with events at my studios to support Vital Voices – from Moscow to Los Angles, London, Madrid, and New York City, and I donated proceeds from store sales and online to further their important work around the globe.

I also teamed up to develop a global handbag design competition. The idea for the competition originated from the Vital Voices Artisan Export Development Program, supported by the ExxonMobil Foundation. Vital Voices worked with my team to select the best emerging female handbag designer from thousands around the world. I was so pleased when we selected Phelicia Dell, a rising talent from Haiti. Dell became involved with Femmes en Democratie, the Vital Voices chapter in Haiti, about three years ago as she worked to establish a successful clothing design business following the kidnapping and death of her husband. After her loss, she decided to remain in Haiti and build a life for herself and her young daughter.

Dell began designing clothes and was connected with Danielle Saint Lot, co-founder and president of Femmes en Democratie, who assisted her with identifying markets for her products and guided her product development. Soon after, Dell made the decision to focus on handbags. After carefully designing a few samples, she showed them to friends and they were a huge success. She also had the opportunity to participate in the 2008 Vital Voices of the Americas “Women as a Bridge to a More Prosperous Future” summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to gain further skills in design and product development.

Later in March, at the Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards in Washington, I had the opportunity to meet more women like Dell who have overcome unthinkable challenges. Together with my fellow Vital Voices board member, World Bank managing director Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, I presented the 10,000 Women Entrepreneurial Achievement Award, a new partnership between Goldman Sachs and Vital Voices. The award identifies and honors an extraordinary young entrepreneur who is not only building a strong business, but reinvesting in her community as well.

Succeeding in fashion takes more than just a flair for design – it takes passion, perseverance, and a strong understanding of business principles. Tuokpe Esisi owns a contemporary African fashion design company, and to professionalize and grow her business, she applied to become a scholar in the 10,000 Women program – an unprecedented initiative to provide women around the world with high-quality entrepreneurial education. This education will create a new generation of female business leaders poised to change the world.

Both Esisi and Dell embody this smart investment and not only make me proud to be a woman, but proud because they believe, as I do, that success cannot end with one person. Both women are “paying forward” the investment made in them by investing their own success in the success of others. They are a testament to the power that can be unleashed when women with vision and talent are given support.

Source : Washington Life Magazine

Valentine Party @ Trump Tower 1, Miami.
Feb 14, 2009

Photos by Francois Adrien

Reception on Tikki hosted by mtn-I from London
Apr 23, 2009

Photos by Francois Adrien & Paul Leger

What is mtn-i?

mtn-i covers the USD3.5 trillion global ...more

MTN market, and has been covering structured US MTNs and Notes since Jan 2006. We now have more than USD117.5bn of non-syndicated structured US MTNs and Notes in our database of more that 2,200 trades.
Launched in 2001 mtn-i is recognised by market leaders as the most relevant source of new issue information and longer term trend analysis.

In a market where derivative based products and non-syndicated bond issuance volumes rival those of traditional Eurobond products, mtn-i is valued for its complete coverage and the unrivalled detail with which it reports structured private placements.
mtn-i is delivered in the following ways:

Email reports which are sent daily, intra daily, weekly and monthly
On which also contains a comprehensive database of deals done in the mtn market over the last 61/2 years.
In hard copy quarterly and annual reviews, which are mailed to our users as well as made available on the website in pdf format.

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Feb 3, 2009
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2nd Annual Friends and Family Picnic Fund-Raising.
Apr 11, 2009

Photos by Paul Léger, Francois Adrien & Gerry Briere.

A group of volunteers has been working hard ...more

to make this 2nd Annual Friends & Family picnic fund-raising a great success and a spectacular event. A great way to donate to "Food for the poor".Please enjoy these pictures. They are sensational.

Laboratory of Atmospheric Chemistry (LAC),
Apr 15, 2009

Photos by Francois Adrien & Paul Leger.
Having a Cocktail Hour on Tikki Beach Charter.

Haitian Heritage Cultural Month Kick off Party
May 1, 2009

Photos by Francois Adrien

Little Haiti Cultural Complex Grand Opening.
Jan 29, 2009

Photos by : Rachel Moscoso Denis and Francois Adrien

Expression of the caribbean.Welcome to the ...more

little Haiti Cultural Complex, a place where community and culture will mingle.This is an exciting occasion for the residents in the city of Miami. After many years of planning,the dooors at the little Haiti Cultural Complex are finally open. Please enjoy the pictures

Press conference @ the Haitian Neighborhood Center, Miami.
Jun 18, 2009

Photos by Francois Adrien.

Her excellency Michele D. Pierre-Louis the Prime Minister of Haiti, is ...more

in Miami to address business leaders, community members, and seek support for Haiti who is currently bracing itself to survive another hurricane season after devastating loses last year.There was several reporters such as Pierre N. Beauliere from 1700 AM, Wilfrid Pressa 1610 AM, Anis Blemur 1700 AM, Nick Laurence and Richardson Anicette from Imagine Art Media and of course Francois Adrien from It was an informal room and the Prime Minister took questions from the press.Raymond Joseph was also there.Enjoy some pictures of the press conference held at SANTLA on June 18th,2009.

Haitian Independance Month Initiative Celebration
Jan 2, 2009

Photos by Rachel Moscoso Denis & Francois Adrien
Sponsored by the Office of Carlos Alvarez, Mayor's of Miami Dade County, Florida.