"Oor Wullie's Bucket Trail"
Myself and Alan had a three night break in Dundee in August 2016. We went there in order to do some of the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail which was run by The Archie Foundation.
Although we spent 4 days in Dundee and surrounding areas, I got caught up in the fun of it all, so I decided to carry on and do the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail on Tour, this took me to St Andrews and the Byre Theatre, then a wee jaunt by bus across the Tay for another wee while in Dundee, from there a wee journey to Edinburgh so I could get Rugby Wullie, for me the last of the on tour Wullie's.
The following week I had another day in Dundee, visiting community libraries around the city plus a wee jaunt to Broughty Ferry to complete the Oor Wullie Mini Bucket Trail.
Having completed the tour of all the Oor Wullie's, I thought that I was finished my tour, but alas no, On Thursday 8th September, Alan and myself again visited the area. We had an overnight stay at Broughty Ferry, a lovely place to visit. Following our overnight stay there we then headed to Dundee as we had tickets for " The Farewell Tour of all the Oor Wullie"s, brought together at Slessor Gardens for the last time. After the three day Farewell Tour. the sculptures will be auctioned off to raise money for the Archie Foundation, who hope to raise enough money to build two paediatric surgical theatre suites at The Tayside Children's Hospital at Ninewells.
We have had loads of fun doing this trail, and would like to thank the many citizens of Dundee who have helped us as we have searched for all the Oor Wullie Sculptures. I hope the Archie Foundation reaches their target and manage to build the theatres.
The Oor Wullie trail has been fantastic for the young and old alike, also it has brought so many people out of their homes to see Oor Wullie's, On our travels we met so many people who had come from all areas of the country, the USA and Canada. Thanks for a lovely summer full of fun.
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Jennifer & Lawrence's Wedding Photos 26.09.2014
A fantastic day, at the wedding of my niece and her new husband Lawrence at the Oran Mor in Glasgow's West end.
Some of the photos were taken at The Botanic Gardens on Great Western Road Glasgow,
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