Brae of Clunie

Travelled to Perthshire in dry bright conditions to do a recci for the Midweek Walking Club. Had our morning stop at the Dewer Distillery, nice visitors centre here, plenty of photo opportunities. After our coffee stop we travelled on to Aberfeldy and Weem where we started our walk at the Edradynate Eastate. We walked up the main drive and on past the tree line onto the heather moors and very open countryside, some beautful views. The weather and conditions were good. We had some lovely views as we approached Loch Derculich, a beautiful loch standing in the shadow of Farragon Hill a Corbett standing at 783m. As we neared the loch we could see a lone simmer, Brrrr it must have been cold. We had our lunch stop by the side of the loch, a beautiful peaceful place, not a sound, heaven.
Just as we were about to set off after lunch the rain came on and remained with us for the remainder of our walk, at times the rain was quite heavy.
We headed on towards Loch Glassie, but after reaching the loch we had difficulty locating the path, we walked on for a while before turning back, we finally found the track and continued on our walk.
We finished our walk at Boltachan where we left a car, we then headed to The Weem Hotel where we had a very late meal before starting our journey home, we arrived home about 11.30pm. A good day out and although this route wil not be done by the club, we have salvaged some of it and will take a different route to finish the walk.

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