Loch Skiach Recci

Another great day out. Our walk to-day took us into the Perthshire Hills where we did an 8 mile walk on open moorland.
We first had our morning stop at the Beatrix Potter Centre in Birnham, we then travelled to Kinnaird House where we parked the cars then started our walk.
Initially we had a gradual climb for about two miles, thenthe rest of our walk was on the open moorland with great views over the Perthshire countryside. The weather was dry and warm, luckily we had a breeze on us for most of the walk, this made the conditions very good for walking.
Our lunch stop was taken overlooking Loch Skiach, a lovely isolated loch with nothing surrounding it but moorland, the total silence was heaven.
After lunch we carried on over the moorland passing on the way a lovely little fishing loch and hut after a brief stop we then headed over the moorland and back down to Kinnaird House and our cars..
We travelled to Dunkeld where we had our social stop before travelling back home to East Kilbride
Another great day out walking and great company.

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