Dunoon Week-end

A week-end away with St. Leonards Rambling Club. We stayed at the Argyle Hotel on the front overlooking the Firth of Clyde. We arrived on the Friday night, then on Saturday we set off on a short bus journey to the start of our walk. We started at Gairletter walked up through the forrest and moorland to the top of Choc a Mhadaidh where the views of the River Clyde were fantastic. We could see Ailsa Craig, the Holy Isle and right down to the tail of the bank. The walk was rough and very rough in places but everyone on the walk met the challenge and completed the walk.
In the evening everyone had a well earned rest before setting of on a short walk on Sunday.
Sundays walk was up towards Bishops Glen, where the group did a short walk up by the reservoir through the woods then headed back down to Dunoon. The group I was with continued to walk on another path and finally came out on the south esplanade where we were able to watch the windsurfers practice their sport.
We also visited the Museum where the ladies in charge were very knowledgable and shared some of the information with us.After having coffee we watched with sadness as the stricken Canadian submarine the HMCS Chicoutimi was escorted up the Clyde by three destroyers and two tugs, it was heading for Faslane Navel Base. It was so sad watching this, you could feel for the crew members and thankful that they at least were safely comming into port.
All in all it has been a very nice break and I have enjoyed it.