Cardrona Forrest Recci
Nov 1, 2005

A Recci walk for the Mid-week Walkers.
The walk was in Cardrona Forrst near Peebles in the Scottish Border country.

Lovely walk through the forrest, plenty of beautiful colours and a number of different kinds of fungi made this walk nice and interesting.
Once again we must have pressed the sunshine button when printing the maps, because again we were extremely lucky with the weather, dry and sunny, we are blessed.

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Glen Lion
Oct 19, 2005

A Recci for the Midweek walkers.Walking in Glen Lion near Arrocher at the head of Loch Long, Scotland
The day was very grey, and very wet, it didn't really dry out at all, but we all coped with the walk. Some of the views were quite fantastic because of the autumn colours.

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West Kilbride Circular
Oct 5, 2005

A nice walk along the Clyde Coast starting and ending at West Kilbride. Passing through Portencross, and walking round behind the Power station, we then climbed a hill shere you can see five islands from the top, Ailsa Craig, Holy Island, Arran, Little Cumbrae and Cumbrae. The weather was warm but overcast, but we could still see four of the islands, the view was well worth the climb.

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The Riggin'o' Fife Walk
Sep 21, 2005

A developement walk in the beautiful Kingdom of Fife on a beautiful sunny warm day. After walking for a while it was decided that this part of the walk was unsuitable for a group of about fifty people, so we returned to the start and the route was altered. We then split into two groups to cover the re-routed walk.
Although there were some beautiful views on the first part of the walk there were very few photo opportunities on the re-routed section I walked. All in all it was a fine and enjoyable days walking.

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Sep 8, 2005

Another trip to Inverary. Although we have been here many times before,we returned to do a recci for the Midweek Walkers.Again the weather was lovely,I never tire of visiting this place, its beautiful.

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Pooley Bridge in the Lake District
Jun 27, 2005

A beautiful summer day spent travelling to the lake district, we dis a walk up behind Pooley Bridge, walking pararell to Ullswater then back to Pooley Bridge. The views were beautiful

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Jun 25, 2005

A lovely day for a wee run then a walk in the area just before Cardross outside Helenshurgh,and to finish off a wee jaunt into the area outside Dumbarton Castle and seeing the Waverly Paddle Steamer passing.

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Culzean Country Park
Jun 20, 2005

A day spent in the company of Alan's cousins from Canada. We did a short walk round Culzean Country Park

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Jun 18, 2005

A nice wee day out walking above Balloch on Loch Lomond

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The Power Walk
Jun 4, 2005

Just over an hours drive from our house we reach the area of Seamill in Ayrshire.
This walk took us past Portencross Castle,a Power station,up over the hill where we were able to look down on the Power Station, a Deep Sea Terminal Electricity Pylons and up on the hills at West Kilbride Wind Turbines, so this walk has been dubed the Power walk for the above reasons. From the top of the hill we were also able to look out over the Firth of Clyde and view Ailsa Craig,Isle of Arran, Little & Great Cumbrae, a nice little walk.

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Mull of Galloway & Port Logan
May 8, 2005

Photos taken on a visit to the Mull of Galloway and its Lighthouse, and also visiting a little village called Port Logan where the TV programme 2000 Acres of Sky was filmed.
We also completed a 6 mile walk around the area on a lovely sunny but cold and windy day.

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Mar 5, 2005

A beautiful walk in the Perthshire Hills, visiting an old homestead at Sallachill
The weather was changeable but cold.

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