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Red on Red

I always wondered why there are so many ladybirds in our garden, all sorts of them. Well, today I discovered it:
we have this shrub in our frontgarden that has red branches and even red leaves in the autumn. And taking a closer look at it, I saw hundreds of those little red beetles resting on the leaves. So why do they all live there I asked myself, it couldn't be camouflage as ladybirds are found everywhere and that red is supposed to be a warning to their natural enemies anyway. But then I turned over one of the leaves and ha! Loads and loads of lice, lice-eggs, fly-eggs, and some slimy stuff. Just a ladybird's paradise! :)

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almost every leaf was inhabited.

again Harmonia axyridis, both of them. They actually were brought to Europe to control the aphid populations, but now biologists fear that they might oust indigenous species.

Taken: October 06, 2008
Uploaded: October 07, 2008
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Canon Digital Ixus 800 IS

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