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Balls Cabaret 07-31-2004

Fringe Festival Preview. In order of appearance:

"Prodigal" (Missing and Exploited Children)

"Mud on a Little Girl's Dress" , part of Fast Fringe #2 - The Ecstacy (The Spanish Ladies)

"Gutsy Women & Loving Men" (Kairos Dance Theater)

"Miss Biracial Upper Midwest" (Theatre Mojo)

"Jack and Ben's 10th Annual Bar Crawl & Moveable Feast" (Joseph Scrimshaw)

"Goats" (Alan Berks)

"Lokasenna" (Maximum Verbosity)

Leah Cooper, Executive Director of the Fringe Festival

"Punk Rock Awesome" (Ferrari McSpeedy)

(c)Scott Pakudaitis


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