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Mansions (demolished) - Εξοχές (Κατεδαφισμένες)

architect : Vitaliano Poselli

Ida Mansion (ca 1886, Fleming & Vassilissis Olgas str.)

Samuel Hassid Mansion (ca 1907)

of unknown architect

Benroubi Joseph Mansion (ca 189.., Vassilissis Olgas str.)

Benusilio Eliao Mansion (ca 1900, built by T. Razi, Vassilissis Olgas str., housed amongst others Dr Koretz, the last Rabbi before the Holocaust , demolished in 1970),
(Karayanis School)

Rahmi Bey Mansion (ca 1906, Vassilissis Olgas str., demolished in 1970), (Anatolia , Valayanis School)

Telci Mansion (ca 1906, Vassilissis Olgas str., demolished in 1960) built for Sami Telci

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