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Tri Five 55 56 57 Chevy Gassers

HUGE collection of Tri Five Gasser photos!!

This is a collection of tri five Chevy Gasser style cars shown for reference. Some are the real deal, some are later era Super Stockers or "Street Freaks", some are modern renditions and some are just a mess, but they are all cool in their own way if you dig these vintage cars.

There is no intent to profit from these photos. If you see a photo that you have taken and would like me to add credit for you as photographer, please indicate the photo number (not the actual name of the file) and I would LOVE to provide a credit for your fabulous shots.

Likewise, if you see your photo and prefer not to have it added to this collection of reference material, please note the photo number and I will regrettably remove it.

PLEASE email your personal gasser photos for inclusion via Especially loved are old family photos. Send them in!! COMMENTS WELCOME!!!



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  • no computer Dal Vandiver (Private)
    6 years 2 months ago
    I have a Blue 1956 210 sedan called the "Blue Bandit from hemosa Beach.  Was bright blue-now faded.Semi-elliptic straight axle, tilt fiberglass front end, square box firewall, ladder bars, qtrs not cut. Ran a big block, 409?? with auto. "Tetti" scratched on bottom side of floorboard by trans area dated 1961,64,67??? Dick's American Service w/American Gas torch on bottom of front qtrs. Racoon w/pistol on hip "The Blue Bandit from Hemosa Beach on trunk signed by S. Fienberg. Sig Erson cams & headers by Doug on front end. Came out of Norco, Ca salvage yard in early 80's. I owned gasser car since 1986. Please forward to some one w/smarts that might be able to find history , or a rodder in Hermosa, Ca. Thanks, Dal Vandiver 4430 Sundown, Golden Valley, Az 86413 (928) 565-3764 thank you for you time, Dal, retired auto shop teacher & USMC I have no computer
    • redlinetoys Premium user United States (Private)
      6 years 2 months ago
      Dal, it appears that the car in the photos is a 55 not a 56. It also has cut fender wells. Research on the JalopyJournal says it was built and owned by Dick Stokes. Dick also ran a mid sixties GTO of the same name. Are you sure this is the same car?
      • (Anonymously) (Private)
        6 years 2 months ago
        sir, the "Blue Bandit from Hermosa Beach" is a 1956 210 sedan for sure, frame is 1956 (looking @ rear spring perches. Will take pics and get them to you! Gasser came out of Norco, California in mid 80's I have owned car since 1986. Thanks for posting, Dal