Eddrachillis - Kinloch (ED-B)
Jun 1, 2005

Kinloch Burial Ground, Eddrachillis
(our code ED-B)

Sheila and Christine visited Kinloch burial ground in June 2005. It is very small, difficult to find, and sadly has suffered badly from neglect. I doubt if anyone except ourselves had been there in years. The only beautiful thing are the wonderful bluebells which were in full bloom. We had to rely very heavily on the original transcriptions by Cowper & Ross here.

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Eddrachillis - Kylestrome (ED-D)

Kylestrome burial ground, Eddrachillis
(our code ED-D)
A small remote burial ground close to the Kylesku Bridge.
Unfortunately I have no photographs of this small burial ground. We did try on two occasions to find it but still looking!
As there are only 7 recorded stones here I have included the transcriptions taken from an earlier recording. As always all Mc and Mac shown as Mac.

Kylestrome is know as the Gateway to Mackay Country. One of the most beautiful and remote places in the Northern Highlands, where the narrows of Loch Cairnbawn, an inlet of the picturesque Eddrachillis Bay, are guarded by several small islands. The waters are crossed by a car ferry to Kylestrome, opposite which is the small island of Garbh. To the east, the waters of Loch Glendhu and Loch Glencoul penetrate deep into the wild and roadless hills in the manner of Norwegian fjords.

More fascinating facts here:

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EDDRACHILLIS - Oldshoremore (ED-E)
Jun 1, 2006

Oldshoremore, Eddrachillis
(Our code ED-E)

please note that all Mc and Mac names are shown here as Mac this facilitates easier indexing and finding.

Oldshoremore is situated far north on the west coast of Sutherland. The first maps of the area, in the 17th century, describe an 'extreem wilderness' infested with wolves. Two important industries were developed in the 18th century: the manufacture of kelp (fertiliser from seaweed) and the herring fishing. Salmon netting was also a source of income. In 1793, the First Statistical Account recorded about 1000 people in Eddrachillis parish (the parish includes Sandwood), and about 2500 each of cattle and sheep! In 1820, there was an influx of people cleared by landowners from the north coast. Overcrowding, clearances, emigration, and finally the Act of 1866 that set up the crofting system, were the pattern of the century. Many people emigrated from here.
NOTE: a few of the oldest stones in the burial ground have no photograph shown. However, please look at the end of the album where there are some illegible old stones. These are undoubtedly those with no pic.
ALL the old stone transcriptions have been included here but I cannot guarantee that all the newer stones are. I have some photographs of burials too recent to include.

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Scourie is a village on the north-west coast, about halfway between Ullapool and Durness. The village is very popular for walking and tourism. Angling is a popular attraction due to the large number of freshwater lochs nearby. The hills around are home to herds of red deer and there are a number of small, isolated lochs in the area, which are rich in trout.
Scourie is a delightful place to stay for a few days. We stayed in Scourie while taking the photographs of the burial ground here and in Oldshoremore. The sunsets over Scourie bay were simply stunning.

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Kinlochbervie, Polin & Handa

Polin, Handa Island & Kinlochbervie Free Church, Eddrachillis - ED-F

The three places shown above are tiny. Here are the details I have.

There are no inscribed stones here but some rough marker stones. This old burial ground is situated between Oldshoremore burial ground and Polin township. In the Statistical Account of Scotland (1791-99) the minister of Eddrachillis noted that distance and poor roads have made the people bury at places most convenient to their homes so that there were eight burial places and that this made it impossible to keep records. This ground is known locally as ‘Macdonald’s Burial Place’. (Cowper & Ross).

Reputed to be the burial place of many but now only one single stone remains with the name MACDONALD.
Geoff Holmes in his book ‘Wrath & Reay’ writes of Handa Island: “Behind the beach at Port an Eilean is an old graveyard not only used by the people of the island but also by ‘mainlanders’, as in the middle ages Sutherland was plagued by wolves”.

According to the research carried out by Cowper & Ross in the late 1980s
There is only a cairn and tablet here inscribed:
Robert Summers STRONACH, C.B.E. Honourable Brigadier General, Proprietor Kinlochbervie Estate 1922 – 1930, died 25 March 1930.

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