Jun 1, 2006

LAIRG cemetery
The ancient church of Lairg stood in what is still the local burial ground, taking its name and giving the parish its name, from the locality, Lairg – Gaelic Laorig meaning an area of land sloping towards water – a perfect description of the situation of the ancient Church and Churchyard (Rev. J L Goskirk writing in A History of Lairg, Lesley Ketteringham)

The old church and churchyard of Lairg stood on the northern bank of Loch Shin about half a mile from the village. In 1843 the congregation left the established church and built their own church at the foot of the loch. The old church, a plain simple building, was left to fall into ruin so that now only the site remains but the people continued to bury there. Throughout the 19th century sculptured stones replaced the heaped turf and rough flags of an earlier period; today there is a fine extension to the burial ground.

This burial ground was visited by Christine Stokes in summer 2003 and again in 2006 when the newer stones were photographed. Please note that there are many missing photographs in the very old section but all known inscriptions are shown. I am hoping to revisit Lairg later this year and to photograph more of the oldest stones.

Please also note that as with all my transcriptions all Mc and Mac names are shown as Mac. This facilitates easier indexing for me and easier searching for you!

If you can help out with any of my missing photographs please contact me. Many thanks.

Please note that most married women in Scotland continued to use their maiden names throughout their lives especially when being buried. It is standard to see Ann Morrison, wife of John Mackenzie etc.

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