ROGART - St Callan (RO-B)
Jan 1, 2005

“The name seems to be of Gaelic origin; and the parish to have been so denominated, from the peculiar situation of the parsonage, which is nearly on the top of a high hill; and thus Rogh-ard, i.e. very high, came to be written, as now, Rogart.” Reverend Mr Aeneas McLeod, Statistical Account of Scotland, 1791-99.
St Callan’s Kirkyard, Rogart
Our code RO-B

The following are the brief details on all visible stones in St Callan’s, Rogart
(sometimes known as Rogart Old Churchyard)
These following details simply give the barest facts on each stone and not always the full inscription. This burial ground has been fully transcribed and photographed by Christine Stokes.
details of the stones in the new cemetery at Rogart are in a separate section (RO-A)

Please note that with all our inscriptions all Mc and Mac names are shown as Mac. This facilitates easier indexing for me and easier searching for you

St Callan’s Churchyard has been visited by Christine Stokes at least seven or eight times. On each occasion photographs have been taken. Finding each stone in this burial ground is an absolute nightmare. It is true to say that with the exception of Clyne Kirkton before the clean up there St Callan’s is the most damaged of all Sutherland Burial Grounds. Many of the stones here are broken or fallen (including my own ancestors), many are below the turf and many of those still standing are fast becoming illegible. Thus you will find many missing photographs. I have included some photographs of damaged stones to describe the situation. If anyone has a missing photograph please send it to me.

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St Callan's Extras

During my last visit to St Callan's the council had cleared a lot of old turf uncovering many old flat stones which had been lost. The photographs show those. Later this year I hope to return to Rogart to try and fit everything together!!

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ROGART - new cemetery (RO-A)

The new cemetery at Rogart lies in the valley opposite the old Kirk of St Callan. It is a very pretty spot and a very well kept cemetery.

All old stones as recorded by Cowper & Ross in the late 1970s are included here.

This is a work in progress and new inscriptions may be added later this year. I photographed and transcribed this cemetery with the help of Sheila Mackay over a number of years. We have a considerable amount of genealogical information on the people of Rogart. If you are researching here please feel free to contact me

Please note that with all our inscriptions all Mc and Mac names are shown as Mac. This facilitates easier indexing for us and easier searching for you

A news report from 1905 reads:
"Some time ago several meetings of the ratepayers were held to consider the condition of the burying ground (St Callan’s), and the urgent necessity for its extension or the procuring of new ground. After certain steps had been taken with regard to it, the matter was allowed to fall into abeyance owing, principally, to the impossibility of finding, in a convenient situation, suitable ground for the purpose.
Now that a croft in close proximity to the present burying-ground, and suitable in every respect, has become vacant a short time ago, through the surviving tenant having given up her right thereto, the Parish Council has taken the matter seriously in hand and at their meeting on Monday Rev Mr Macdonald, after referring to the present burying-ground, which he characterised as inadequate for the requirements of the parish, as being in a highly unbecoming state, and as an extension was by no means feasible, moved that the requisite steps be taken for the procuring of a new burying-ground.
Rev M Mackintosh having seconded, it was unanimously agreed to approach the Duke of Sutherland, proprietor of the croft, with the object of getting immediate possession of it, so that there would be no further delay in the matter, the urgent necessity of the case calling for prompt action. It was also stated that the present burying-ground would remain available for the burying of spouses and those related in the first degree to those interred in it. The following members of the Council were appointed a committee to carry out the arrangements: - Mr Alexander Murray, chairman of Council (convener); Rev Mr Macdonald, the Rev Mr Mackintosh and Messrs A S Innes and Mr Robert Matheson, with instructions to report to a special meeting tonight, after conferring with Mr D Maclean, factor for the landlord."


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